I need a modern sofa and round rug
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I need a modern sofa and basic round rug. Where can I get these?

I have a dark Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor and white wall Living room. I want to put about 8-10feet diameter white/ivory rug and a black leather simple looking sofa.

Where can I get a nice rug like that? I checked out Flokati Rugs... <--- didn't like it. Maybe some type of shaq rug or something solid. I never bought a rugs before and my first purchase was a disaster. What price range should I look for a quality yet not too expensive simple sold color rug (fluffy comfortable ones).

Sofa was the hardest one to find. I just want straight forward simple black leather sofa...(modern). I checked out "Theatre Sofa" or "Le Corbu Sofa" from DWR.com but three to four grand is just too expensive.

Something in under two thousand range ONE three person modern leather sofa. Where can I find one?

It is so hard to find simple modern sofas anymore...
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Dania has a good selection of mod leather sofas, and they all seem to be in the $1200-or-less neighborhood.

(Rugs are a bit tougher, but the ubiquitous IKEA may be worth a look.)
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Great web site Dania... Almost hard to believe prices too.
How are their qualities? The leathers in the photos seem somewhat loose...
Their website look very professional. However are they as reputable as DWR.com or Room&Board?

more info and some other web recommendations will be greatly appreciated
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Try Eurway.
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Target has solid color shag rugs in the dimensions you're looking for.
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See also
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Room & Board has excellent midrange contemporary sofas.
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IKEA. IKEA. Cheap cheap cheap.
Also Crate and Barrel is nice.
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If you can order through the mail, try Home Decorators. Great rug collection; sofas not bad either.
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You could also consider setting foot in an Ethan Allen store. They always seem to be closing out last year's collections.
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While I haven't actually bought furniture from Dania myself, a friend of mine did buy a leather sofa and loveseat from them, and had no complaints about the company or the furniture. The quality seemed fine to me whenever I was over there visiting; of course, it was one of the plumper, poofier styles, so looseness wasn't really an issue.

Still, it's probably a good bet for you. Remember that DWR is supposed to be the affordable alternative to going out and buying an original Le Corbusier lounge chair. So yeah, in that respect, DWR is "within reach", but it's a matter of perspective.

And definitely check out IKEA. I see they've got large round rugs on their website for $300 or so.
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