Who took this photograph?
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Who took this photograph of Christie Brinkley?
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The flickr page for the photo is here. The person who uploaded probably doesn't know but you can ask (provided you're not the uploaded)
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My best guess is Walter Iooss or John Zimmerman. But I can't back it up.
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There's a photo from the same shoot with this Daily Mail article which is uncredited. Tineye does not have a credited version for either photo. Weird.
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Sports Illustrated has an archive of some of their their swimsuit edition photos, so if it's Walter Iooss or another SI photographer you might be able to figure it out from that. Um. I think. I've heard rumors. Never looked, myself! *cough* *innocent whistle*
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Response by poster: IIRC, I first saw this picture in The New York Times Sunday Magazine in a fashion editorial about new swimsuit materials that look wet even when they're not. So I don't think it's SI.

I know I had it it my locker in high school, so it would have been published sometime between 1981 and 1984. The posed-against-a-blank-wall style made me wonder if it might be Herb Ritts - who Wikipedia tells me was already working then, though not as famous as he became later.
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