Liquid echinacea: The best birthday present (but only if it is disgusting enough). Help?
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Which brand of liquid echinacea is the one that tastes terrible and makes you feel like hair is growing on your tongue? Or are all of them like this?

This is going to be a strange question and it's kind of a long shot, but I figured I'd try.

Background: Years ago, when I was in my early 20s and foolish, I went to a quack doctor. I had a bad cough and she pressured me into buying liquid echinacea from her, and I did because I didn't know how to say no. She put me on a regimen of taking a spoonful of it 3 times a day. This liquid echinacea was the most horrific substance known to modern man, and it quickly became a joke amongst my friends, and the joke eventually evolved to the point where we'd bring out the echinacea at parties and take spoonfuls of it. We did this so much that we finished the bottle about two years ago.

So, my friend who was one of the most enthusiastic participants in the echinacea awfuls is turning 30, and I have vowed to celebrate his birthday by bringing echinacea back into our lives. The only thing is, I don't remember exactly what kind it was. It was liquid and a big bottle and about 60 dollars (though I think there was a smaller bottle). It didn't have an eyedropper thing attached to it--it was more like a cough syrup bottle.

It would be such a letdown to buy liquid echinacea for my friend and have it not be gross enough. It absolutely must be disgusting. Disgusting is the point. We are so excited.

So, has anyone had experience with multiple liquid echinaceas, and do they all taste like death and make your tongue feel like it is sprouting hair? Or was there something special about this particular one, and if so, does it sound familiar to anyone?

(You may ask "why don't you call the quack doctor and buy it from her?" Because I don't ever want to give the quack doctor another cent or another second of my time, and it was hard to extricate myself from her care when I realized once and for all that she was a quack, and I don't want her office to call me six times and remind me to make an appointment).
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I'm pretty sure it's the nature of liquid echinacea to be absolutely vile. That's what my nurse roommate told me as she poured some down my throat, anyway. Gah.
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Most liquid herbal supplements are going to be strong and bitter like this, I think. It's the flavor of the herb as well as the burn of the alcohol it's distilled in. I've never even heard of taking these by the spoonful, that sounds awful. Sorry about your freaky doctor.
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My brother and I at age 8 and 10 went shot for shot with trader joes Echinacea supplement. He threw up, I wish I had. I guess I won?

Although this was nearly two decades ago, I assume that most Echinacea will cause that awful taste in your mouth.
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Yes they all do.

When I was like 11 or so. A "friend" told me that her older brother's liquid echinacea was a drug and dared me to try it. Since my honor was clearly at stake, I did. It was so fucking disgusting I was sure it actually was a drug and started freaking out. Then she basically fell over laughing. Learn from my mistake kids. Don't do liquid echinacea!
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Nthing restless_nomad, they all taste vile. I take it when I have bronchitis and have to mix the dropperfuls in a glass of water with better tasting remedies.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! (now I want to propose a taste test of all the liquid echinaceas to find the MOST vile).
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