Proper butcher shop in Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro?
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Can anybody recommend a top notch butcher shop in Portland, OR (actually even better would be Beaverton/Hillsboro)? Sometimes for special occasions I'd like to step up my cooking a notch, including getting more specific cuts or prep, asking questions, etc, and actually interacting with my butcher.
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Wrong side of the river for you probably, but in NE Portland, there's Gartner's Country Meat Market.
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Also wrong side of river, but I really like the meat guys at Sheridans.
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There's a really good butcher at the Farmer's market held by Wilson High School each Sunday. He's happy to answer questions, provide specialty cuts, even has people out to visit his ranch...
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Unfortunately I have never been but I have seen this shop tons off of TV Hwy:

Try that? Also, hello fellow MiFi'er from Hillsboro :) Good to see someone local as well. Now if you wanted a GREAT butcher in Medford, I can help with that.
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There's a Halal butcher shop on Canyon Road just across from Fred Meyer. (Obviously you don't need to be Muslim to buy there.) I've only bought from them once, but the meat was really good, and it's going to be my standard source for meat from now on.
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When I bought meat, I got it from Deck Family Farm. Also probably not convenient for west-siders, unfortunately.
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I won a gift card to the Canby Pub and Grill from a radio station. I went out there (I work in Tigard, so it wasn't too far) and noticed Ebner's Custom Meats across the street. It turns out that the pub and grill buys their product from Ebner's.

My wife said the brisket she ate was delicious. So if you want to drive a bit...
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Chop, Laurelhurst Market, and Phil's Uptown Meat Market. Good staff, good meat, good cuts, unusual things, gourmet things, willing to be custom about it all.
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2nding gartners. It's a ways out, but it's the best shop in the Portland area. Call ahead for what you're looking for, because they get in regular shipments in at different time of the week.

They can sell you BEAUTIFUL cuts of pork belly on Fridays. If you call they will save one for you to pick up on Saturday.
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For porky products, we've been enjoying the stuff from Tails And Trotters. They're working on getting a shop, but you can buy from various places including farmers' markets.
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