Help me make Twonky 2.0 before Christmas?
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Help! Do you own the new edition of RoboRally and either a good scanner or a nice camera and tripod?

I want to photoshop and have printed a customized robot program sheet, but I can't find a high resolution image to start from.

For reference, this is what I'm talking about when I say "Program Sheet."

Twonky preferred.

Email: duff[at]aescifiDOTca
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Have you checked board game geek? I found this there. Asking on their forum here may be helpful as well.
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I have it. I don't know if my scanner counts as 'good', but I'm scanning it now anyway.
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(apols for delays... it seems I'm not so technologically inclined as I may have originally thought)
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Ok, so things seem to want to go to sleep halfway through the scan.

Best result so far is this. I might be able to get a higher dpi, but it depends upon whether I smash the scanner into the wall.
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