Bike and camping supplies in Las Veags?
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I'm planning a trip do Death Valley in january and I'll be landing in Las Vegas where I'll spend the first day or two preparing, and I wonder if anyone has some recommendations for places where I can get the supplies I need.

I think I will book at the HI hostel, Ted hostel, for the couple of nights I'll spend in Vegas.
I want to buy a used bike for getting around Death Valley, probably from Craigslist. I've been regularly checking Craigslist for the last few weeks and there seems to be a reliable amount of decent mountain bikes available in Las Vegas. But if that doesn't work out, does anyone know of other places in Vegas where I could find a used bike, or rent one if it comes to that?
Next, I understand you cannot pack camping stove fuel on an airplane so I will need to buy some there. I've looked around on the internet, but am having trouble locating a store where they'd sell some. Ideally, I'd like to be able to go to a MEC or La Cordée type place near the strip (near the hostel), but any place that sells fuel would do.
Finally, I will have to stock up on food. A search on Google Maps tells me there are many grocery stores at reasonable distances from the hostel, but maybe someone has a specific place to recommend?
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Any Walmart, Kmart or similar establishment will have your fuel.
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REI is the equivalent of MEC, but I don't think there is one anywhere near the Strip. Basic camping supplies (including small propane tanks) can be found at general boxstores like Target and Wal-Mart as well as sporting goods stores like Big 5 and Sports Authority.
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There are two REI's in the area (that I know of). One is at "The district" in Henderson which has pretty decent bus service and the other is in/near Summerlin. Target as others have said will have general camping supplies. Fresh and Easy is a grocery chain that seems to be on every corner of LAs Vegas. They are a bit of a poor man's Trader Joe's - the food is pretty good and the pries are dirt cheap. A lot of what they have is great for camping. Make sure you get some sort of powdered drink mix. The water in Death Valley, while generally safe to drink, tastes like borax.
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In addition to Walmart, which is a good suggestion, many supermarkets actually carry white fuel/Coleman gas, so check there before making a special trip. Also hardware stores will carry it, and there are several Ace/Lowe's/etc. in Vegas.
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Echoing CheeseLouise, every Albertson's (the supermarket) I've been in in Vegas has propane for camp stoves. There's one every 2 or 3 blocks, it seems.

Also, I've gotten great (but not cheap!) service at Bike World on Flamingo and Eastern. I don't know if they have rentals, but they're sure to know who might.
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I've done plenty of fly-in, fly-out camping trips to DV and the surrounding counties. Wal-Mart was always my first stop.

I'm sure you've thought about this but water is going to be your main concern. Be sure you have more than you think you'll need. Also, depending on location/elevation, you should be ready for anything from snow to 70-degree-plus temperatures (I have seen both snow and 90+ degree temps there in December.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses!
I'm worried that Walmart/Target may not carry the specific fuel canisters I need for my stove, but REI sounds more likely.
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first camp
Follow the Amargosa river to bad water the low point of your adventure.
If you wish to stay on pavement use the jubilee pass Rd SR178
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