Meatfilter: "Semi boneless" rib roast?
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Nearby supermarket is advertising "Semi-Boneless Beef Rib Roast" on sale for $5.99/lb. What the heck do they mean by "semi-boneless"?

Thinking of buying this for Christmas dinner, but how does this differ from a standing rib roast?

And, being "semi-boneless" (isn't it either boneless or not??), any special considerations for roasting this baby if I do buy?
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Probably means they've cut along the bones, so that they can be just lifted off, for easier carving but it's cooked all together (like normal). The offer this at my local grocery (but they don't call it that)
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It includes just a part of the rib bone.
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My recollection is much like weapons-grade-pandemonium, but our semiboneless rib roast had very short bones, somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four inches. Cooked it just like a full rib roast and it was wonderful.
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Best answer: The last time I saw one of these it wound up being a rib roast that was cut closer to the end than the center. I bought it due to the price, and it was still awesome. If I spot one in the next two days I will be buying one. My cooking procedure is no different than a regular rib roast:

Have the butcher or myself cut the rib off of the roast and string it up. Kosher salt, garlic powder, pepper and tarragon mixed in some olive oil. Coat the whole thing. 500F for 10-15 minutes to get a good crust, down to 250F until inside temp hits 130F. Always use a thermometer on these, remember that the meat will coast up 10 degrees, and don't overcook it.
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Response by poster: Thanks all ... knew I could count on the hive.
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