Christmas cracker emergency on Long Island
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Where can I buy Christmas crackers on Eastern Long Island?

We are looking for ordinary-sized Christmas crackers (the cardboard tubes with a paper crown, joke, toy, and snap inside, that you pull apart around the dinner table, etc.) to purchase in the next two days as near the North Fork of Long Island as possible. We have miniature ones but they don't have prizes/toys inside, which is, well, borderline unacceptable.

And yes, I am shocked that we can't find them for the first time in 25 years; and also that they were all over rural Oklahoma but appear to be nowhere on LI. Yes, we have tried the Santa's Christmas Farm in Cutchogue and the Target in Riverhead.

Thanks in advance!
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Do you have a Costco? I'm in Chicago, but have seen them in a couple if Costco warehouses around here.
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All the TJ Maxx shops around here have them! Have you checked there?
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Pier One carries them. The store locator says there's a store in South Hampton and one in Riverhead.
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You guys are all awesome -- I'll make some calls tomorrow morning :)
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Williams Sonoma usually carries them as well, and it looks like there's a store in Bridgehampton.
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My local Target had them in the holiday aisle. I imagine that's pretty universal.
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I'm in Indiana but our local Target stocks them, if you have one locally you might want to check them out.
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I'm in western Suffolk County, but I've seen them at Costco.
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Do you have a Home Goods? They were stocking Tom Smith crackers in a couple of styles. I got the mini luxury crackers. They also had the Robin Reid brand. (I think Home Goods is owned by the same people as TJMaxx, so you might find the same brands there.)
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I think you're still on my Amazon Prime account. :P
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We actually found them at Stop and Shop of all places in NYC last year.
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You'll have to at least go to Riverhead, if not over to the South Fork (which I would avoid if at all possible.) Pier One or Target in Riverhead are probably the easiest to get to, but do call ahead. Good luck!
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Cost Plus World Market has them around here, too. I was less than thrilled with the innard choices this year of the ones they stocked, but there are toy-ish things in one and allegedly adult-attracting items in the other.

So I'm delighted to see all of these other national stores I can check out for better crackers.
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