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When I had the first generation Kindle I had an e-book that was basically an index of free e-books that were in the public domain, and the title of each book was actually a hyper-link that would let you download a copy of said book right to the home screen of the Kindle. Does anyone know where I could get another copy of that book?

That Kindle has gone to the digital graveyard and I have replaced the device but have not been able to find a replacement copy to that book. I would have sworn that the book came from Project Gutenberg but I have checked their site and can not seem to find it again.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this book?

If it was a Project Gutenberg thing but they are no longer offering that e-book does anyone have a copy that they could share with me ?

Bonus question: where do you go for hassle free, zero-complexity free ebooks? This is a Christmas gift for my father-in-law please help me impress.
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I can't help you with the first part, but maybe I can with the Bonus Question:

For free ebooks, I just open up Calibre (a wonderful open-source ebook reader/manager) and click the "get ebooks" button. Type in something like "hamlet" and click on the Price column. The free books will float to the top. Double-click the entry (whose cost will be a charming $0.00) and it'll just download the book straight away.

I don't know how Calibre plays with the Kindle, but it works just fine with my Nook Color. It simply stores all your ebooks (.html, .pdf, .epub, etc.) in a folder and when I plug in my Nook it shows which local books have been sync'ed to the Nook. I click any that I want to add to the Nook and one button press sends them over. (The Nook just shows up as a flash drive to Windows/Linux.)
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Best answer: You're thinking of the Magic Catalog (although I have no idea how up-to-date it is anymore).
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Amazon has a free ebook page.

You can also sort Kindle books by price point.

And on the main Kindle book page, there is a "Top 100 Free" tab on the right (in the Best Sellers box).
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Response by poster: YAY theodolite!!! That's it!

I just downloaded it and while it looks like they have made some changes from the version that I had (like eliminating the very helpful table of contents and making ) it still does what it's supposed to do.

Thank you to introp and rabbitrabbit as well. While I think that my Father-in-law probably won't want to learn a new software like Calibre that's something I've been meaning to check out for myself and I will definitely be sharing those Amazon links.

Even though we solved the main question I am still interested in hearing about where you guys get free ebooks.
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I don't know how Calibre plays with the Kindle

I use it frequently with a Kindle 3 and have no complaints.
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@introp i use calibre with my 2nd gen kindle, it's great. i've also plugged in my mom's sony reader, my sister's nook and my sister-in-law's kindle fire, and they all worked just fine.
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Free scifi -

Another source of free books (lots of Cory Doctorow avalable, mainly older stuff though) -
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I want to thank the poster and the responder who led to my learning of the Magic Catalog. I used the link to download it to my iPad into iBooks and used it to find (via the iBooks search - who needs an index?) a book I wanted and then downloaded it. So easy! So fast! So many books!
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My wife suggests
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Will the Magic Catalog work on the Kindle Fire?
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Response by poster: I don't have a Kindle Fire so I'm really just guessing here but I can't imagine why it wouldn't work since it is basically just a collection of download links.
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