How to fix a cheap ballpoint pen
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What's the best way to get air pockets out of a ballpoint pen? It's a lot harder now that the fool things are completely sealed. Sure, I could get a new $.05 pen, but it irks me to no end.
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Do you have a lighter? Spark it up, and hold the writing end of the pen (the metal, ballpoint part) in the flame for a little bit. The air pockets will move away from the heat. It's a neat trick and it extends the life of a cheap pen.
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You don't. The effort to fix a pen like that almost certainly exceeds the value of the pen itself.

If you don't like the waste of disposable pens, get a cheap fountain pen with a converter (Shafer used to have one for under $10, but you had to get the converter separately), and some ink. I've had the same bottle of ink for two years, and it is not even half empty yet.
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