Is there an "edit window" for PHPBB?
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Is there such a thing as an "edit window" for PHPBB?

I run a forum. About once a year someone loses their shit and edits all their posts into oblivion. I don't want to disable editing entirely, but it seems sensible to have editing disabled after a week or so.

I can't seem to search for this effectively.

Any suggestions?
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Best answer: It appears that there is a built-in facility for globally limiting edit time somewhere - check the permissions assigned to the group representing "Users" by default. There is also a mod (that may or not work on the latest version of phpBB) that would give you more granular control.
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Response by poster: Perfect, thank you.

Under the ACP:
Post Settings:
Limit Editing Time:.

The value is set in minutes, I set a value of 1440 minutes for one day.
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