Kefir is the mind killer.
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So I got these kefir grains, but what the heck do I do with them?

I was given some kefir from a friend and have started fermenting some small jars of regular 2% milk. So far, I've really only used the product for things I would normally use yogurt for - oatmeal and the like.

I'm looking for some other creative things to do. I'd especially be interested in fermenting other things besides just milk.

I've heard it's possible to make a sourdough bread using the bacteria from the kefir, so if you've got some experience with that, I'd appreciate it.
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Well, kefir is a beverage. Have you tried mixing some fruit (whether chunks or blended) into it?
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Full-fat milk or coconut milk results in a much tastier end product than that cloudy water you're using.

I like to just add a few drops of concentrated fruit flavouring (like this), or blend it with some actual fruit (berries of some sort) and enjoy.

The absurdly informative Dom's Kefir site has some bold variations you might want to try.
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We use it in place of buttermilk in pancakes. Generally speaking, you can substitute kefir for buttermilk in just about any recipe.
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Ok, kefir will contain lactobacilli and wikipedia says it should also contain yeast.

To create sourdough you just need to train the bacteria and yeast on to a new food source.

What I'd do: mix 1 part flour 1 part water and a few kefir grains and keep in a warm place. Every 12 hours throw away half the mixture and bulk it out with flour and water again. After a few days you'll have an active sourdough culture. From that point on follow any sourdough recipe on the net. (Personally I use more starter and less water than most recipes... YMMV. Experiment).
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Seconding whole milk. I drink the kefir unadulterated, it's absolutely delicious.
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