Going to Israel
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I would like to spend a month in Israel with my girlfirend next january. Has anyone been there recently? Any thoughts on cool stuff to do in a month? Places to go, things to see or maybe a course to take?
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Is kibbutzing still do-able these days? Hard work, but a great way to meet people.
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I'd not want to stay on a kibbutz if you'll only be there a month. The usual tourist stuff is great...Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, spend some time in the desert, explore Jerusalem, Tzfat, Mount Meron on a Saturday night (I'm assuming that you're Jewish...), the beach at Tel Aviv (I'm told Eliat is fun if you're into the resort/party thing but I haven't been there).

I'm totally envious. I'd love to go back. Have fun and be safe.
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Also, what kind of courses are you looking for? The Pardes Institute is great for torah study (non-denominational, chill atmosphere) and there are various archeological sites that you can visit. I went to Beit Guvrin and had a great time in the caves.
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Eilat is fun, and you can swim with dolphins.
Try to schedulle a side trip to Jordan, and go see Petra, one of the most amazing places I've ever been.
In Jerusalem, stay in the old city, inside the walls.
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If you qualify, you can do Sar-El, a two week volunteer stint in the IDF. You might go to different bases but all the people I know who've been on it told me it's good fun.
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amandaudoff - I am not jewish, but my gf is. I am really into jewish culture and religion (actually that's my main reason to want to go there). About courses, well, a month is a long time and I would like to take the opportunity to learn something there - hebrew or history would be a nice idea.
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If you want to start learning before you go, Ivrit min ha Hatchalah ("Hebrew from Scratch") is a great textbook. It's Hebrew-only, though, so I recommend it only if your gf already speaks Hebrew and can coach you through.
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You can take a course, where you first learn where things happened. Then when you get to Israel they actually take you to the places you learned about.

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