Any edible insects or game meat in NYC?
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Any NYC restaurants that serve edible insects or game meat?

Well I'm quite curious today and wondering if anyone know any restaurants that serve edible insects or game meat. I've been having trouble finding restaurants serving edible insects as I only seen one restaurant that serves grasshopper tacos (Toloache Restaurant @ 50th St in Manhattan). I'm hoping to find a spot that serves mealworms or crickets.

I'm looking for something inexpensive (below $20) so please take that in consideration. I've also seen game meat such as ostrich meat at some Brooklyn restaurant but it's over my tight budget.
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Bareburger serves bison, elk, ostrich, and wild boar burgers.
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If it's any consolation, my friend got those grasshopper tacos earlier this month and said they were quite good. We were all also fascinated (well, and some in the group repulsed) by the various corn smut dishes at the same restaurant, and everything was tasty.
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you can get alligator here and here
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grasshoppers, worms and scorpions!
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Pocha 32 has bundaegi (silkworm pupae) on their menu.
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Likely to be at the top end of your budget, but Henry's End in Brooklyn is having a wild game festival. (They do have game on their menus generally, too.)
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Seconding Henry's End. It's amazing. Also seconding that it's pricey.
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Casa Mezcal serves grasshoppers for $7.
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I came here to say Henry's End and stayed to 3rd it.
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Public serves a very tasty kangaroo appetizer that is about $14. I've also had a boar entree there and they have had other interesting meats on their menu but their mains are over the budget you stated.
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