What is that Pulp Fiction Cartoon?
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MovieFilter: In "Pulp Fiction" an animated cartoon is shown briefly. What is it?

Just before Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) arrives to give his "watch up the ass" monologue, Young Butch Coolidge is shown watching a cartoon with what appears to be an Eskimo talking about how his dog is tupid for thinking that a totem pole is alive. In the script for the movie, the cartoon featured is "Speed Racer". This however is clearly not the cartoon shown. Any clues? I did try to Google this to no avail. My Google-fu is usually quite strong but maybe it's a little off tonight.
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From the IMDb site: " The show on the television behind young Butch is "Clutch Cargo" (1959)."
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This link gives more info about Clutch Cargo, a toon from the late 50's. BTW, the using of human lips over an animated picture was called "Synchro-Vox." I always found it creepy looking, myself...
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Thanks itchie! oy! I feel dumb. I looked on IMDB. I guess I just needed to read further.
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bawanaal, thanks to you too! It's the Synchro-vox that really has me fascinated. Yeah, very creepy.
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Synchro-vox was parodied in the animated short included on The Incredibles DVD. See, in the movie world, they're real superheroes, and they had a crappy cartoon made about them... Craig T. Nelson and Samuel L. Jackson do commentary on it in character. It's mildly amusing.
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Semi-relevant factoid: the comedy bits on Conan O'Brien where he talks to a "celebrity" on the monitor where only their lips move are called clutch cargo.
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