all those 2-day Prime deliveries add up...
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I was watching a TV show about UPS' Worldport facility, and there are a lot of shots of Amazon boxes! So I got curious: what percentage of UPS' business (by revenue, number of items, weight, whatever) comes from Amazon?

Educated guesses welcome, but show your work.
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If its>10% it will be disclosed in their filings with the SEC.
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UPS delivers 15.6 million packages a day. I can't find equivalent info for Amazon, although apparently their peak day last year saw about 13.7 million orders (and now I've lost the link). Of course, UPS's peak season is on right now too, so they're delivering something like 22-25 million per day this week. So...say 54% of those boxes right now are from Amazon?
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(oh, wait, here was the amazon link, sorry.)
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Amazon definitely uses shippers other than UPS, like Lazer.
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To follow up on JDP. This is from 2010 annual report, the notes section:

No countries outside of the United States, nor any individual customers, provided 10% or more of
consolidated revenue in 2010, 2009 or 2008.

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