Destroy my eardrums please?
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Help me secure some slammin' good, down-and-dirty, percussion-heavy tunes.

I've discovered that I love drum and other percussion-heavy music to work out to; the louder, dirtier and more tribal/shamanistic, the better, as it seems to help me reach a state of flow faster. (Examples: This is my current favorite, but I also like more mixed-style stuff.) Yelling and other vocalizations as well as a mix of instruments is fine, but I'm really looking for something with that persistent beat. However, I can't seem to find any artists or albums that specialize in this really loud, really heavy type of percussion!

I'm looking for something that can be played on my iPod while I run, so Youtube videos, while a great place to start, are only helpful if I can purchase some tracks or an album by the same artist. I'm also looking for recordings with decent-sounding audio to pump into my headphones. Thank you all -- looking forward to some head-bangin' beats!
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You might like Konono No. 1 - Congotronics
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Have you checked out Podrunner? I'm not sure how shamanistic any of it can be called, but it's mixed at particular BPMs to make them easier on runners (and bikers, rowers, walkers, etc). The iPhone app also lets you beat-shift any of them up or down as desired.
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Maybe you're looking for some gabber?
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Response by poster: I totally should have specified: I like electronica, but what I am looking for is definitely drums or other percussion instruments played by hand in something resembling the traditional fashion (i.e., not machines.) Hand or non-Western drums are a big bonus too. Thanks everyone! I'm done thread-sitting I promise.
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Based on the video you linked to, it sounds like you might enjoy old school Scorn ala Evanescence era, or their more modern incarnation, Techno Animal.

Based on your clarification, I wonder what you might think of stuff like
Diablo Swing Orchestra's Balrog Boogie or Dirty Pony's Epic.
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Boredoms "Seadrum"
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Best answer: You, sir, are in need of some batucada.
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Best answer: How about songs featuring the tabla (for example).
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You might enjoy this recent thread.
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Bonham, by Christopher Rouse, or Ku-Ka Llimoku, or any number of works by Rouse.

The Battery Battle from Blast!
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Best answer: you might like Japanese taiko drumming. Here's a link to Kodo (one of the more famous groups)
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Los Fabulosos Cadilacos- Matador
Has a bombastic, big beat drumline thing going for it that always gets me pumped. Unfortunately it's not indicative of their regular style but more of an experiment outside of their comfort zone.
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