A VirtualBox Server With Nothing To Do
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I have a Windows 2003 server with VirtualBox running in my colo cabinet, and I really don't have anything mission-critical running on it, and a bunch of unused cycles just sitting there. What fun can I have with it?

I already have BOINC installed and process SETI@home and a couple other projects, so thank you for the suggestion, but I'm already at that point. I also have VirtualBox installed on it, and in theory, it can run dozens, if not hundreds, of virtual Windows XP sessions, if I wanted to mirror a bunch. I can RDP in to the main session, or any of the VirtualBox sessions.

Limitations: it is on a 1MB/sec connection, and my mission-critical servers use about 70% of that on a constant basis, so while it has internet access, things like "games!" or "streaming server!" or "torrents!" aren't good suggestions. I know, that eliminates a lot of the cool stuff.

But, there must be something fun I can do with this computer, or one virtual machine, or dozens of virtual machines, that somebody might have suggestions for. Thanks much!
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Join the NTP pool. It doesn't take much CPU or bandwidth, and provides a good service to the general internet community. I have a virtual Linux server in the pool and it barely makes a dent in my CPU or traffic graphs.
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More BOINC and BOINCish projects at distributedcomputing.
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