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Is there any difference between UPS Basic and UPS Mail Innovations?

Both appear to include cross-country transportation by UPS, then a hand off to USPS for local delivery. I have had mixed success with these, sometimes just as fast as UPS Ground, sometimes way longer. When I asked at the Post Office, the worker told me that bosses had told them to process the stuff from UPS "last" and "only when you don't have anything else to do." Thus, I've had packages languish at a postal processing center for several weeks, until the time was just right. Both of these are offered just to large shippers, is there any substantive difference between them? If given a choice, which would you choose?
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Doesn't seem to be much difference. Looks like Innovations offers more options to the shipper, as a receiver you wouldn't notice much difference I expect.

The UPS Worldship Solutions page offers some info, although I could not find a direct comparison:
UPS Basic Service vs. UPS Innovations
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