The Twelve Dates of Christmas
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Unique Toronto dates/events/experiences?

I'm putting together a gift for my honey consisting of one "date" per month for 2012. Each month he'll open an envelope to find out what we're doing, and maybe there will be an associated object (ie gloves for when we go skating?). So now what I need are date ideas... simple is fine (i.e. picnic in High Park in June) but more complex/original plans would be great. We have two small kids so daytime/early evening is better than late night adventure.

Unleash your brilliance, Metafilter!
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Ride a streetcar (College from Main Station to High Park, Queen from the Beaches to Long Branch) from route start to finish. If you do it on a weekend you could purchase a day pass that covers both of you and the two kids for $11, and use it as a hop-on, hop-off.

Kayak/canoe from Harbourfront to the Islands. It's a great way to see both the city and the islands from a new perspective. That might be difficult to do with the kids however.
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Do trapeze at Downsview. It's a bit out of the way, but awesome fun. Great gift idea, BTW!
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How about a board game date at Snakes and Lattes?
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Response by poster: To clarify, the kids aren't coming with us... these are "us time" dates.
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Some thoughts:

Second City show
Wandering through Kensington Market tasting bits from the various shops and restaurants
Going to Roller Derby at Downsview Park
Take a cooking class at Dish
Dress up and attend the Zombie Walk
Go for Dim Sum in Chinatown (or Markham)
Saturday night in the summer, dinner in Little India, and wander the various food stalls that set up outside the businesses there
Attend a taping of a CBC show
Skiing at Earl Bales park in the winter
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Bike ride on the island, with lunch at the Rectory.
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Rent a segway in the Distillery District and see a play afterwards.
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Go to the NFB at Queen and John! If you're both Canadian it can be fun to take a little nostalgia trip and watch the old cartoons from the '70s, in the the little two person viewing booths. I think you have to buy a membership, but they're very moderate in price, maybe $10/year?
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ROM friday night - tickets are $9 after 4:30 on fridays, and it's open until 8:30. They also sometimes have special date-night events planned for fridays
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Visit the Allen Gardens conservatory when the winter weather starts to get too much. It feels like being transported to a tropical rainforest for a few hours. And it's free.
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Go into the ravines! Find the course of one of the lost rivers of Toronto and walk through the parks and ravines that mark where it used to run. Starting in Mount Pleasant Cemetery and going out the south end and then over to the Don River Valley (to the Brickworks, perhaps) is one nice walk, but there are others. If you start in Cedarvale Park you can walk down to St. Clair, through the Nordheimer Ravine, over to Yonge, stop in for a pint and a snack at the Rebel House, and then carry on to the Don.

It's a wonderful thing about Toronto that there are ravines where you can be a block away from a major street but feel like you're in a forest.

Other ideas: go to the symphony, opera, or see a play by Canadian Stage, Tarragon, or some other Toronto theatre group. There are matinee shows.
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See a play at Hart House! Walk through the Necropolis! Tea at Red Tea Box! A walk on the boardwalk along the beach would be lovely, if it's the right weather. You can't beat a hand-pulled pint at Volo! Obviously you need to see A Midsummer Night's Dream in High Park this summer, but I'm sure you've already thought of that...
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