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So, DC Comics rebooted their entire universe: Awesome! I got an Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas: Awesome! Is there any way to read these comics on my Kindle Fire? I am not interested in solutions that involve torrenting or rooting the device.
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One solution is Comixology, they have an app for the Kindle Fire.
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You've got basically three options for comics on the fire:

Legal, new comics: use Comixology. It's great, and for the DC New 52, the newest issues in a series are full price, but all of the previous issues are a dollar cheaper.

Legal, old comics: Through the kindle book store there are ~100 or so DC graphic novels for $9.99, lots of good stuff in there.

Quasi-legal: Through the app marketplace you can download ComiCat, which lets you read cbr/cbz files just fine.
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Comics by Comixology is very well done. One suggestion: DC drops its prices a month after press date. A license to read a new comic costs the cover price ($2.99 for most) and drops by a dollar after four weeks.
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I would go with Comixology - the Amazon store offerings are all older collections and TBH I am not impressed with the way they handle panel zooms, especially compared with the excellent way Comixology does it. Oh, and make sure to check in the free comics section for some excellent stuff like Volume 1 of Atomic Robo.
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