Property/Casualty Insurance Resources?
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What are some good resources to learn about the property and casualty insurance industry? Looking for some online (free) or written (books I can get from the library) that can give me some basic, conversational understanding around terms, systems, process flows, etc. Current level of knowledge: familiar with terms, but not comfortable speaking about them.
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Books you can get from the library? Well... that might be a tough one. You're talking about a pretty niche area that a lot of public libraries aren't going to find a ton of demand for. My go-to books are actually the texts for CPCU courses. WorldCat only shows about a dozen libraries nationwide that have a copy.

They are, however, available online for pretty cheap. See?

As far as other stuff, this is okay, but it's as much press release as substantive content.
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Happy to entertain memail -- not sure the objective of your query. I can also point you to some state specific resources.

Insurance Law Blogs

Property Casualty 360 seems relevant

National Underwriter has topical magazines and a bookstore
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For what country?
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