What was this book about Maryland?
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At the end of August I heard an author being interviewed on the Baltimore NPR about her book on the history of Maryland. I was in the car and couldn't write down her name or the name of the book, and I can't seem to find it listed on Amazon. Does anyone know what this book might be? In the part I heard she was talking about Maryland's history as a Catholic/Royalist haven, and the tensions this caused with neighboring Virginia. Inspired by this post on the blue.
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Do you remember what time of day you heard the piece? (I work for one of the NPR member stations in Baltimore)
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It was sometime in the afternoon on a weekday, probably Monday the 22nd of August. I remember so specifically because we had been out of town but my husband had to be back in B'more for something that day, and I was running errands in Towson!
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Could it have been "Annapolis: City On the Severn" by Jane McWilliams?
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Here's an .mp3 of the show you heard. And, here's a link to the show's page.
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That is indeed it! I didn't realize it was specifically a history of Annapolis; that must be why I couldn't find it.

I would have never thought to look on the YPR archives! I'll remember that the future.
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