Cataloguing Obama's presidency so far?
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What are the best sources for compiling a timeline-based list of what Obama has accomplished (and not accomplished) so far while in office?

I'm looking for non-partisan information (or if it's partisan, at least a list of accomplishments/rulings/positions that cover a broad range of policies, political stances, and ideologies). Sites like this are all fine and good, but not really all that helpful. An objective cataloguing of events and milestones both past and projected for the very near future would be ideal. Does such a clearinghouse exist?
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Best answer: Something like this?
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Response by poster: Yes, that's a good start, thanks gman.
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Best answer: From 2010:

Washington Post, "Track Obama's Campaign Promises"
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Don't just go by campaign promises. He's done things he didn't promise during the campaign, like enacting an individual mandate to buy health insurance and going to war with Libya.

The Washington Post list looks biased, describing many of his accomplishments in vague, glowing language. It says he's trying to "insured more Americans." (It's about 2 years old, so it doesn't even take into account that he signed the health care form law.) We'll have to wait and see whether more Americans actually have health insurance once the law kicks in, and it doesn't directly give people insurance. The Politifact list is also problematic in saying he has "kept" his promise to enact "universal health care." The law he signed does not give us universal health care.
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