Let there be light: need 120V MR16 type LED bulbs for outdoors! Trickier than it sounds.
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Where can I buy 50W equivalent LED lights that work outdoors, operate at 120V, and are of the standard base type? I simply cannot find a bulb that meets all three criteria!

It sounds like a simple item but every bulb I see, whether online or in store, meets at most two of these criteria. I currently have over 20 potlights recessed in the eaves of my house which use halogen 50W MR 16 120V bulbs with a standard base (like a normal lightbulb, not the two pin design). The problem is they burn out quickly and climbing two storeys every few months to replace them is impractical.

Any suggestions for an LED bulb that will:
1) be equivalent to a 50W (or at least 35W) halogen/xenon bulb,
2) work outdoors in a cold climate, and
3) use a standard base and 120V power?

Bonus if they can work with a dimmer, though I am willing to remove the dimmer from the circuit if I can go all-LED.
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Are you concerned about the 50W because the amount of light ? The amount of heat? or just what the receptacles are rated?

If it's because the amount of heat or what the receptacles are rated - a 65W LED light is really not equivalent to 65W old style light. It won't heat up as much so that's not a worry and it draws about 35W worth of power. So if you can find outdoor lights that are LEDs that are 75W or below and meet your other criteria - I'd worry less about the wattage thing.
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I might suggest looking not for an MR16 equivalent but a 50w PAR20 equivalent. Standard Edison bases are rare for 120v MR16 style, which I think is why you're having an issue. PAR is essentially the same shape.
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Thank you for the suggestions so far. I'm really wondering why the electrician chose to use such rare bulbs.

Brent: I will keep that in mind -- I'm looking for the most illumination I can get combined with the longevity of LED.

l2p: Those are indeed easier to find in LED form. I guess I would now need to check that a PAR20 would fit into the housing for the potlights. Good tip!
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I'm an electrician, so if you know the brand or the model of the fixtures themselves, I might be able to help. PM if you like.
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I happened to find the answer in a local store. For those who are interested, look for the Arani HR-16. It is exactly what I needed and costs $35 Canadian. Thanks for the help, everyone.

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