Please give me some shoe fashion sense.
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Can I have some shoe suggestions for a particular dress please?

I know mefites have given excellent fashion advice in the past so I am hoping you can help me with some shoes. I have this dress in 'dusty shale' (the light turquoise one) which is what I am going to wear for my elopement. I have no idea what kind of shoes would go with it. Some general criteria:
-I'd like to spend between $50-$100
-they should be shoes that I could wear with other outfits. Not so fancy that I can't get much use out of them. (The elopement is super casual.)
-I rarely wear heels so I would prefer flats or just a small heel.
-If you think a bigger heel is a must with the dress please say so and I'll take it into consideration.
-Colour? I have no clue.

Thanks a bunch for your help!
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I just got these in the mail yesterday, and they might work. I do think you need a heel with that dress, I can't picture a flat really working well with all the draping.
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I agree heels would look better than flats. At least a low heel. As far as color, I kept thinking white. Or maybe nude. I don't think black goes wonderfully with that color dress. Happy elopement!
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I think tacoma1's shoes in silver would go really well with that color dress.
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Where are you eloping? If you're going to be on a beach somewhere, it would change my suggestions.

Also, what kind of jewelry are you wearing? Gold, silver, pearls? Again, it would play into my suggestions.
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If its weather appropriate, silver strappy sandals are a good fit for that dress. Silk chiffon is a fancy fabric so the dress will look best paired with a fancy shoe. And I agree that you'll need a small heel. Something like this would suit the dress well.
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Well, I think a flat could work. Think of those 'ballet' looks, that are all flowy chiffon and a minamalist flat. For me, the deciding factor would be whether the hem of the dress its-self is falling in the right place for you, right in the little dip below the knee, and if not, maybe consider halving the budget and use part of it for tailoring.

Also a big day is no time to start with heels if you are not so inclined, unless they are just the right ones; 2-1/2 inches tops! Personally I'd get flats.

I would consider something like this, in the antique gold or the pewter (valeno), maybe these if the ankle strap is an okay thing for your leg shape, and in the burgundy suede if you're sassy that way. Here's one with nike air soles which would be comfy; I'd do the greige or burgundy for low key, beaujolais or berry for fun, or gunmetal glitter, for super fun!!!

If you're shopping online, or if all the heel-height advice is conflicting, maybe go somewhere where you can try on flats or heels with the dress, not necessarily to buy, but to figure out what you find flattering and comfortable. Congrats on your upcoming elope-uals!
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I agree that silver and/or sandals are the way to go. I do think silver ballet flats could look nice, though. (Or white or light yellow sandals, but not black.)
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Beautiful dress! Vera Wang's Lavender Label line has some absolutely gorgeous jeweled ballet flats that would look great with it. I was able to snag a satin pair of 'Lois' flats for 99.50 at Nordstrom Rack a couple of weeks ago. The brand doesn't matter of course -- just the aesthetic for style ideas. Stick with neutrals, metallics, or even a light dusty rose. After the elopement, jeweled flats will look great with jeans and a dressy blouse. Best wishes!
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DSW is my go-to online site for shoes, because they are discounted from the regular price so it's fairly easy to find nice affordable shoes (I find wide sizes galore, too - I think you'd have to be VERY hard to fit not to find a good selection there).

The light weight of the dress calls for a light-looking shoe, I think. A strappy sandal would be terrific if you could swing it depending on the weather where you are. Metallic is usually best for matching with a colored (as opposed to neutral or black) evening dress. A medium-to-low or perhaps a "kitten" heel would be fine if you are not used to heels - as long as the shoe is dainty, not sturdy.

From DSW: Kelly and Katie metallic evening sandal, two shades available

M by Marinello Ciao Sandal

DSW (and Zappos) have a search feature, too, that you can apply if you want, say, medium-to-low-heeled dressy pumps or sandals in a metallic.
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Good question! We are hoping to elope in Aruba if we can get through all the red tape. It will be at the city hall, not on a beach. But we will likely be at the beach afterwards to get some photos and what not. If the paper work for getting married in Aruba doesn't work out we will be doing it in Vancouver-- no idea where, possibly our home. Thanks for all the suggestions so far-- you guys are awesome.
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Oh and regarding the jewelry question, again, I have no clue what I'm going to do for that. I have pearls that my fiancé gave me early on in the relationship so those would be nice because of sentimental value but the are a short strand and I'm not sure the would look good with a strapless. What say you all?
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In terms of the shoes, I agree that a heel would look great, because of the dressiness of the dress. But if you're not comfortable in heels, your wedding day might not be the time to try them out! I think dressy ballet flat would also work well. I especially like the Born Liddy ballet flat Rube R. Nekker pointed out, in the valeno metallic or taupe. You can see a video of a model wearing what looks like the dark brown burnished one, and I think it's easier to imagine your outfit when you can see a person wearing them (if you click on "larger image and additional views", and then you click the video option which is the most right-hand button). With the pointy toe and shine/metallic, they seem fairly dressy, and in my experience Born flats are usually uber comfortable (I can't wear them anymore because I'm allergic to most leathers, so I'm very jealous!). I think you could also easily pair them with pretty much anything, from jeans to skirts and dresses. Born has some other cute flats, but this one looks to me like the most dressy!
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I think your pearls with a pair of silver strappy low heels would be lovely. For a finishing touch pull your hair up into a loose chignon (if it's long enough) and maybe a delicate silver bracelet.

You could definitely wear these or these again and they're not too tall.
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One more thing: perhaps this, in TMoro or Rame Metallic? I still think heels (maybe kitten heels?) would probably look best with the dress, but I think flats or dressy sandals would still look great, especially for a beach wedding. You want to make sure you're comfortable too!
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Okay - here is the shoe I wore when I got married. It's dressy, low-heeled and secure on the foot. For the dress you've selected, I'd go with the Latte color. That's a classy neutral and you'll definitely be able to were it with other dressier outfits.

We got married in Hawaii, but not on the beach. We did do beach photos between the wedding and reception and we cherish those photos. That's the other thing I totally recommend to elope/destination couples - pay to get really good photos. You will appreciate the photos and there are gobs of people who don't go to the wedding who will bug you to see pictures. Splurge a little on a hour of professional photos - totally worth it.
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I meant to say "wear it." Gah!
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I agree that a small heel is more graceful than flats, however if you're not used to them I think a teeny pointed heel might be too unstable feeling. For me, I would probably never wear strappy sandals again, either, because I like a more secure feeling shoe (especially if it's a special occasion with alcohol!). You might try these (they are light silver), these open-toe slingbacks, these pewter seychelles, or these sandals.

It really depends on your tastes though, and what you're likely to want to wear all day.
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I think a teal or deep teal would look beautiful with that dress and would go with any jewelry you have. I do think a small heel looks best with a floaty, ethereal dress like yours.

All Dressed Up Heel
What's the Teal? Heel
Hot for Hemlock in Cerulean
Aquamarine Heel
Romantic Message Wedge (is not teal, but I think would be pretty with your dress)
Proudly Posh Heel (is also not teal, and might be totally wrong for you, but it might be exactly right so I had to include it)
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If you are eloping in Aruba and you never wear heels, and you're happy with casual, I would go with silver ballet flats or even a nice flip flop.
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In terms of flats, I'd probably go a bronze ballet slipper (not silver). Personally I wouldn't wear kitten heels with that dress--either flats or some of the lovely heeled shoes that juiperesque linked above (I like the aquamarine and the cerulean ones, but matching colour might be tough--I'd do them in a pale beigey nude instead). I find a thicker higher heel is often more stable and comfy then a wee kitten heel.
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A silver or pewter ballet flat would be lovely. If you end up in Vancouver, a nice white or off-white cardigan over the dress and pearls would look lovely.
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Ideally, I would go with a simple, versatile 3-3.75 inch nude peep-toe heel-- court shoes, essentially. You could wear this type of shoe many times. Here's what I mean:,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=ShopStyle-_-Clearance-_-Women-_-Valarie+mid+heeled+patent+peep+toe+court+shoes

However, I'm vegan, so the closest I can recommend without the shoe being leather is this kitten heel one:

Here's a taller peep-toe version with a 4.5 heel:

A single strand of pearls is fine with that dress, although a multi-strand pearl necklace, maybe from Carolee, would be slightly dressier. I'd get a matching pearl bracelet and pearl drop earrings also.
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Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I love metafilter so much! I think I will go with a little bit of a heel. I really like the strappy slilver suggestion.. will see if I can find something like that in a store here. I'm nervous ordering shoes online, I can't imagine how I would get a good fit! I also forgot to mention that I am knitting this shawl in an off white. The shopping starts tomorrow!
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I like these silver sandals from zappos. They also have some cute silver flats.
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Congrats on the elopement - exciting!

What a perfect dress. It's a classic cut, and the color is soft enough to be a neutral, so you can do a lot with it.

Will you be carrying flowers? A clutch of some sort for essentials? The reason I ask is that I think you could pull off a fun shoe color if you wanted to -- or a little frou frou on the vamp. These Bandolino mules have flowers on the top, which are sweet. Or these little silver wedge sandals, which have some bling on the straps.

In general, I guess since it's such a light and pretty dress, I'd look for a light and pretty shoe. I'd stay away from high heels, though a sandal with a very low heel could look nice. Try these:

steven aris, gold leather
isabel, badgley mischka
sherbet punch sandal, mod cloth
beach babe strappy sandals (pale gold), Rebecca Minkoff

And when you hit the beach for pictures, kick 'em off and go barefoot in the sand. :) Enjoy! Hope things work out so you're in Aruba soon.
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love the shawl you are knitting - if it's going to be a warm off-white, a warm toned shoe would be nice. The beach babe sandals linked to by hms71 are perfect.
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You can get the Naturalizer heels I suggested from Nordstrom. They have fantastic service and I'm sure you could order them online and return them in store if they don't have it in an actual store.

Amazing shawl!! Aww you're going to look so gorgeous! :)
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