Looking for a multicultural calendar that shows different systems for describing dates.
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I'm looking for a printed calendar that shows, in overlay format, many of the world systems for describing dates, such as Gregorian, Islamic, Jewish, Chinese, etc... Something to hang on my wall. I don't care if it is "flipbook" style or a large poster. Is something like that commercially available?

Bonus points if the descriptions of the dates are in both the native alphabets and transliterated.
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Perhaps this question isn't being answered because there is not a lot out there. (And maybe because it is a Sunday.) Still, in this multi-cultural world it is surprising. I thought this would be easy to find.

I've done quite a bit of searching, and not come up with much. There are online calendars, of course, but that is not what I'm looking for.
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Make your own using Google Calendar. Gregorian dates are the default. Go to Other Calendars > Browse Interesting Calendars > More and subscribe to Hebrew Calendar to add the Jewish calendar. You will find instructions for adding the Islamic Calendar here. After that you're on your own.
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