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Is there a way to show a gmail From: address when sending from an AOL account?

My client (no, really, my client) is very attached to AOL mail. I am trying to get him to use a gmail address professionally. It is no problem to forward incoming gmail to his AOL mail account.

Gmail, as you doubtless know, has a From address changer whereby one can, for instance, send work emails from using the gmail interface.

Does this feature exist somewhere on AOL mail? Either the webmail or the desktop client is fine. Outlook or another non-AOL client, however, is not OK.

Thank you!
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Here in an AOL Help document that explaina how to pull gmail into the AOL client, which isn't exactly what you asked, but I think might be a viable solution. It even uses gmail as their example.

AOL Help

The insanity of accessing gmail from the AOL webmail client might have been too much for them to even contemplate, because I don't see instructions on it, but you might try logging in and fiddling with it. It isn't uncommon for webmail clients to only work for that particular vendor's servers, though.
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Response by poster: Hell, the insanity is too much for me to contemplate. It's hard to make a living...
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Make your gmail address part of your signature block.
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