Finding the right beads
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I want to buy some craft beads for a friend in the USA (I'm in the UK), but don't know the exact type of beads she uses, or where's best to buy them from, and I don't want to ask her directly as it's a surprise.

She uses them to make crystal gem trees like this one. Can anyone identify the right sort of beads, and a good place to order them from?
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Best answer: A good source that everyone is going to recommend is Fire Mountain Gems. Those look like Czech glass teardrops to me.
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Ask her for advice. "Hey, another friend of mine wanted to make a gem tree like yours, what beads do they need?"
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Maybe your question is answered, but your gem tree link doesn't work (for me, at least.) My daughter works in a bead shop so if you have more questions you're welcome to email me (it's in my profile). Fire Mountain are good but not inexpensive.
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Your link doesn't work for me either.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses - have gone via Fire Mountain Gems :)
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