Siri listens too fast, Siri is impatient, and Siri doesn't know who my best friend is.
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Ok, got my new iPhone 4s. Siri is great and all, but I want to use it to dictate notes, and I find that it assumes I'm done speaking waay too quickly. Within a second, it's processing my request! But when I have something to record, I'd like to occasionally wait a few seconds between words. Is there any way to adjust how quickly it thinks I'm done speaking?

Honestly, if I could, I'd probably set it to wait 10 seconds after the last word I spoke, if not 30 at some times. I went into the settings, sure that there would be a dial to spin about "Make Siri wait __ seconds after last speech" or something, but as far as I can tell there is no option like that at this point. Is there anything I can do to adjust this?
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There's no setting. You can use some of the made-for-dictation apps instead of Siri? Dragon Dictation is one that I know works pretty well.
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Best answer: You can just open the note app and tap the little microphone. That let's you hit a button when you are done instead of relying on Siri to know when you're done. The little microphone button is on the pop up keyboard between the space bar and number button. This comment was dictated.
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What teleri025 said. There is still some kind of upper-limit on dictation done through the mic icon but at least it doesn't try to guess when you are done like Siri.
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