what am I wearing?
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Please tell me anything you can about this vest..

I found this large, heavy, leather and wool lined vest at a local thrift store. The buttons are a sort of gold-painted plastic. The typeface on the faded label makes me think it's mid-century. At least 60 years old.

My friends and I keep joking that it's a Hungarian shepherd's vest. It doesn't look North Anerican to me. That's yours truly modeling the garment in the photo for scale. I'm 5'7" and it's pretty large on me.
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What are the words on the label?
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The only thing I could make out was "H Gurman". I think. It was really faded. But sort of in a Futura typeface.
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If I'm going to guess, I'd say that it was made by a renn faire artisan.
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All I find googling your search terms are ordinary-looking rural European traditional garb. This is different in that it closes completely and extends both up to the chin and down past the waist. To me, this reads as leather armor, something like a brigandine^.
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What's the lining like? You said wool but fleece or fabric? I'm assuming fabric, but colour and so forth would be useful too. Gurman seems to be a name associated with a lot of leather wear so I'm wondering if this is some sort of 60's mod or hippy vest. Could totally see it paired with a floppy pirate shirt, headband and flared jeans.
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Also, what's the back like? Is there a vent or is it straight across. If there's a vent in back, perhaps something to wear on a motorcycle??
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Could it be a WWI-era jerkin?
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Agree with misteraitch, though my first thought was British WWII commandos; the one on this page was worn by someone in the veterinary corps (says WWII but then gives date 1914) and has the same button-holes as yours to my eyes.
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Here's something quite comparable, same brand. There are several more on that website.
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All I can tell you is that it looks nothing like traditional Hungarian garb. But it is cool!
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It reminds me of some of the costumes from the original Planet of the Apes, but after googling, The soldiers' vests had horizontal seams. Date of the movie was 1968, though, so that could get you a time frame. Picture
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