How can I fix or cover up a cracked vinyl armrest on my office chair?
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I bought one of these Haworth office chairs some time ago. Now the vinyl(?) on the right armrest is cracked. How can I fix it? Or if I can't easily fix it, what's a good way of covering it up?
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How handy are you with a sewing machine? I think you could make some perfectly acceptable armrest covers with some sort of stretchy fabric (spandex) and elastic bands. If you used black, or a color that matches the chair, I think it could look quite nice. You could even add some sort of padding if you felt like it.

Fixing the plastic would be a harder task. There are vinyl/plastic/leather repair kits, but to be honest I've never had much success with them.
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You may be able to get a replacement for the arm. Check with where you bought it (or a local furniture supplier, if you got it off craigslist...).

I have a Zody and broke the lower-back ring thing. Easy replacement. The armrest is probably also a fairly cheap part that takes a lot of abuse.
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Second erstwhile's idea. I had exactly the same problem with a similar chair, and Mrs. Shoggoth made an armrest cover out of old denim. She attached it to the arm with velcro.
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Replacement armrests are pretty standardized and inexpensive. I think I got mine here, but there are plenty of stores online. You could even upgrade to something you like more.
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You could try a vinyl repair kit.
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Thanks for the help folks! SampleSize that was a good suggestion, so I managed to find an exact replacement at The only neg is that it costs $60 which is on the high side.

I'll take a look at your idea, erstwhile....

Gregr, not sure if the vinyl repair kit can fix the crack, it's kinda wide and jagged.
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