convex fingernail clippers?
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Consider the standard fingernail clipper: a lever squeezes together two concave edges. Imagine an inverted version -- it would look exactly like standard clippers, except the two curved blades would be convex, sticking out. (And with a little wider gap.) Is this tool available?

I'd find it quite useful in the shop as well as for personal grooming.
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I agree, but I can't say I've ever seen one.
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I have one set with a straight edge -- neither concave or convex. I like it a lot more than the curved ones. Not sure where I found it from, I think it is a hand-me-down from someone else.
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Convex apparently means a straight edge in the finger/toenail clipper industry.
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If you're going to find this, I bet it will be a jewelry supply item.

This tool would fall under "end cutters" I guess, and might be available from a place like Rio Grande. If they are made, or have been made, they should know..
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You wish to make a scalloped edge?
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I have clippers made by Trim that have a very slight convex curve. They are a large size that I only use on my big toe nails.
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Yes! I have one of these! I don't know why it exists because it's hard to use for nail clipping, but if you reaaaaaaaaaaally want it, let me know by email and we'll see if we can work something out. I keep using it and it's always frustrating.

I got it in a grooming kit given to me as a gift, in Taipei, years ago, and unlike all my other useful nail clippers I am unable to lose it.
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How about a pair of snap ring pliers? I use them for working on bikes. Squeezing the handle forces the jaws apart, good for spreading stems to insert handlebars.
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Cuticle nippers or for the adventurous, tile nippers.
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...or for the really adventurous, G.E. Half Round Hoof Nippers.
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Here and here.

Better too big than too small
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The Half-round Hoof Nippers remind me of the Rivet Cutters in my middle school's metal shop, but that tool's design seems to have evolved now into something more like a scissors. Anyway they're too ungainly, and don't have the necessary spring in the squeeze -- but those Tile Nippers seem to have that, may be just the ticket. Or the Cuticle Nippers.
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