Seeking language-rich Spanish-language videos
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Please recommend some entertaining Spanish-language YouTube videos for listening practice. I'm looking for a variety of Spanish accents, and people that are entertaining to listen to.

I like this NSFW youtube video because it's entertaining and the guy has an interesting accent. I've watched it about 20 times, both with and without subtitles, to try improving my listening comprehension.

I'm looking for other Spanish-language videos that demonstrate various accents or speaking styles. In order to listen to them repeatedly, it helps a lot if they are well-done and enjoyable. Also if they are relatively short. (This is why I'm not after podcasts.) Subtitles are very helpful.

So who are some hispanohablantes that post interesting language-rich youtube videos?

¡Muchas gracias!
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Best answer: Here is a site with some short podcasts. My favorite is #4 "Mira."

I recall watching a couple of videos of Benny Lewis speaking with a Colombian and a Spaniard but I didn't bookmark them. His site,, is well worth a visit.
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In Spanish class we used to listen to Spanish pop music, which was actuly fun and interesting to listen to, give it a try, and sometimes you can find translations, here is one by an artist, David Bisbal,
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Best answer: HBO Latino has this series "Habla", in which latinos talk about their experiences in the US. They have many different accents (i.e. this guy is Dominican They are short and very well produced, and the stories are entertaining.
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Best answer: Hulu just got Latino titles. I'm hearing a lot of Mexican accents, so ymmv unless that's an accent you want to pick up.

You can watch episodes of a lot of sitcoms with Spanish dubbing on YouTube. Step by Step (Paso a Paso) is one of them.

This is a little strange, but I would check out university and research institution YouTube pages and social media channels. Most of them will have interviews and promotions, as well as student-run channels that would definitely be entertaining. Here's a list of top latinoamerican universites.

If you can get past the location problem, local channels such as Caracol (Colombia) have video and episodes from their programs.

I have heard Series Yonkis recommended as another dub site, but can't vouch for it.

None of these will have subtitles, unfortunately.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great answers, folks!
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