Jobs for someone with an exceptionally pleasant voice
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What jobs require a very pleasant speaking voice?

I'm not looking to start up a career; my friend and I were just talking about this earlier. Besides the obvious like radio show host or audiobook reader, what's out there?
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1-900 adult chat lines.
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Voiceover work for ads, promos, training, etc. I also know someone who got hired to do all of the voicework for an automated phone system.
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Crisis hotlines! Well, it's not required. but it helps.
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I think it's also a pretty nice attribute for a teacher to have.
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Any customer service field. If you can keep calm and explain things well, a pleasant voice will bring you the rest of the way there.
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Classical radio announcer
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Reception jobs. Anyone on NPR. Survey jobs.
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My uncle is the voice of iPad. He has also done a lot of book on tape reading and does voiceovers for television commercials [for products but also for stuff like "Fill out your census forms!"]. He narrates documentaries [the Ken Burns one on prohibition, that was him] and is often asked to comment about documentary stuff on topics he knows something about because he is well-spoken and sounds authoritative. There are people who read books out loud for the National Library of the Blind and other sorts of reading for disabled services in academic settings. Radio people are often people with great voices.
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It takes a special type of announcer to get me hyped up at a sports game just by the way they pronounce a player's last name.
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Phone operator.
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Sales/Marketing, especially outside sales. (Though this varies by customer/industry a bit)
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Technical support.
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Sales, prostitution (which is sales), politician, trial lawayer, lobbyist (which is also prostitution), etc.
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Any kind of phone customer service. I'm actually on the phone with Verizon right now and the lady has a nice phone voice, and it is very helpful!
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Airport announcers. "Mr. Doe, Mr. John Doe, please pick up a white courtesy telephone."
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If you tend to give a lot of presentations, even if just in your office, a good speaking voice is a huge plus. There is nothing worse than sitting trough a presentation by someone who mumbles or uses really odd inflections or speaks in a monotone, etc. etc.
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people who give bad news: such as the designated HR person who fires you or doctor that tells you that your leg has to be amputated
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Fun question! The people recording "bear left... turn left in 500m" for GPS devices.
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Anyone on NPR
Hardly. They're journalists, not voice-over artists and most of them have rather dreadful voices, to my ear at least.

Anyone who has to announce things over a PA system, a concierge, receptionist, etc.
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TV ad voiceover/spokesperson.
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Telephone interviewers (whether for Market research or academic research - also helps to be a good actor).
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