Transferring contact data between phones
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What is the easiest way to transfer contact data from an LG Lotus to the HTC Wildfire S?

The phone number has already been transferred from one phone to the other, so internet access is not an option for the Lotus. It would likely have to be done via the mini SD card. Is there an easy way to do this without needing to buy adapters and such, or use a computer as a data bridge?
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take your phone into the provider's store and they can manage for you :) i don't think the lg lotus (at least on sprint) has an "export to SD" function... but if it does, you should use that.
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Best answer: I just did this for my wife. On the Lotus, go into the contacts and export them to vcf files. It will make I vcf for each file, iirc.
Turn on Bluetooth on both phones and pair them.
On the lotus, send the contacts to the wildfire.
On the wildfire, open up People (in your apps) and hit Menu -> Import/export. Navigate to where you saved all the vcf files and it will import them all in bulk. Make sure you choose to save them to your Google account, not the phone memory in case you lose or break your phone.
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Response by poster: That worked! Thank you!
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