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Seeking ideas for the types of professional & social resources or services (organizations, agencies, providers, etc.) that would be included on a list of potential referrals to help people across the social spectrum deal with various forms of trauma, catastrophes & highly stressful situations.

For a personal project I need to compile a list of established entities that one could refer victims to for assistance or counseling when they are involved in traumatic situations and crises. Examples inlcude addiction, mental illness, abuse (to self or in the family), assault, natural disaster, sudden death or suicide, catastrophic accidents or injury, chronic illness, and other harrowing things. Some entities I know to include are local emergency resources (police, fire, etc.), state child & family services, local Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon, crisis hotlines for suicide & rape, women's shelters, homeless shelters, housing assistance. What other types of secular resources should I consider that I may not have thought of? I'm *not* seeking the specific contact details for local or national agencies or particular counseling services: I can look that information up myself. Just need ideas on the types of places to look for. I am in the United States. Thank you.
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Crisis nurseries. These organizations will do short-term childcare for children (usually under 5) if the parents suddenly find themselves in crisis. The place I used to volunteer at was set up like a daycare, but with sleeping rooms, so they could offer overnight childcare. They also offered parenting classes and assistance in connecting parents with more long-term resources.
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Check out the categories for the United Way's 211 service (the link is to Atlanta's version). Each main category has several layers of sub-categories you can dig into.
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Many churches will offer or help one find relief services.
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After a federal disaster declaration is made, money is sometimes available to the state to establish a crisis counseling program for disaster survivors. Example can be found here.
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Resources for non-English speakers, who are in danger of being more isolated in English speaking communities. Examples--domestic violence resources, clinics, addiction assistance. Also, access to translation services or translated materials. I can never live in a different city from my parents because they are so vulnerable due to their limited english skills. Services in their native language are invaluable and help them to be more independent.

Same goes for resources for differently abled people such as deaf, blind and mobility challenged. Specify which resources work for TTY, etc.

Air quality agencies or environmental agencies where you can report a pollution event. For instance, in the Los Angeles area there is a hotline for the local air quality agency to report someone causing pollution that is making you sick, suspicious odors that may be harmful, etc.

Veterans' support organizations.

Meals on wheels type of services.

Connecting people to resources like community based or advocacy organizations that will help people understand their medicare benefits.

Transportation resources. What public and private options do you have for transportation after a catastrophe or injury? In LA there are options that provide a bit more support than just public transit, focused on the elderly and those with mobility issues.

Resources for pet owners, for example when there is a need to evacuate the SPCA will sometimes provide temporary support. Some food pantries will help with pet foods too, that sort of thing.

Work related support--for things such as workers comp/work related injuries or harassment.

Resources focused on the LGBT community.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, these have been helpful suggestions.
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