Is there any way to make an exact clone of my iphone contents and state?
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Is there any software from anyone at all that can clone my iphone, so that if it craters I can restore to its EXACT state before it died?

Yes, I know there's itunes (blech, i use it), but I actually never use my iphone for music, just for apps. Which i do the backups of with. The annoying thing is that any time I have had to restore the phone, then I have to spend an hour or so moving all the apps around and recreating my little app folders that they go in, then putting them where I want them on each screen... resetting up the settings if they were jacked with, etc. Anything? Jailbroken, maybe? (I don't use the phone as a phone either, I just use it as if it were an ipod touch, so I only use wifi). It's an iphone 4 if that matters.
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iTunes will help you organize your home page and all your apps exactly in the state you want it, even between syncs of all the other data (music, etc.). Connect your iPhone, click on it in the device list, and click on the "Apps" tab to manage the app sync and home page organization.
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yes, that's true - but I still have to do it, i'm pretty sure, even after a restore. I'm looking for something that will let me just go "restore it" and bam. Done. I doubt such a thing exists.. probably Apple needs to get that going themselves.
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iTunes backups include pretty much all the data on the phone, including all the apps and their positions. Normally if you restore via iTunes it will ask if you want to use the backup (sounds like you do) or if you want to start over from scratch.
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This is exactly what the iTunes restore from backup does. When I moved from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4s, I just restored from my iTunes backup and it was like I was using my old phone: all the apps were there in the same place, all of my high scores were preserved, etc.
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iTunes backup and restore functions do exactly this.
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Yup. Old phone died, new phone was restored to almost exactly the same condition, with the exception of passwords, when I restored from backup.
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If you turn on encryption, it will even back up all your passwords, wifi networks - everything.
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iTunes will do this...but you'll want to keep the actual backup file in a different location than the default iTunes folder. The software is notorious for silently deleting what it considers "phased out" versions of backups during iTunes updates.
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You don't even need iTunes: this works just as well when you sync to iCloud. I had 4s with a dead pixel, walked into the Apple Store, got it exchanged in about 30 seconds, stepped away from the genius bar, logged back in to the new phone and all my settings and apps auto downloaded right into place, positions, folders, everything. Piece of cake. Only annoying thing is that when I left the apple store range, the app download part of it paused cause I was off WiFi, and auto-resumed as I entered my house (since the settings restore also included my home wifi login)

I feel like we must be misunderstanding your question somehow, but yeah, iPhones do this as part of standard backup/restore and I think always have.
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Are you making another backup in iTunes after you do all your fiddling with positions and settings? Because I do this and when I've had to restore or move to a new phone, it all just comes across perfectly.
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Thanks y'all. Maybe I'm a spaz, but previous restore attempts did not put all the settings back into apps, the iphone settings, nor the apps anywhere resembling proper locations. Perhaps I did something wrong, but either way, next time it happens, I'll observe exactly what I did before posting again. : )
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