Can you identify this women's coat/cape?
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Please help me identify a cape/coat thing so I can surprise my girlfriend with it. (picture inside)

Where can I find this coat thing?

My girlfriend saw this gray coat/cape posted on a blog somewhere and has been lusting after the thing.

I'm pretty sure the picture of the coat was taken outside a shop in Manhattan. I contacted the blogger who took the picture, but got no response. Seemingly, this happens with women's fashion where they don't want anyone to know where they find clothes? Anyway.

I did try to go the geeky route: The blog was a Tumblr, so there were no comments. The blog post was literally just the picture with no description. I tried checking the source image's EXIF data, but Tumblr's image converter removes that information.

If you can't identify the coat, perhaps you can help me find a comparable one? My google-fu has failed me because I don't even know what this thing is called beyond it being a gray 'cape' thing.
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Something similar, here: Elizabeth and James wool cape, $695, Saks Fifth Avenue.
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Could you post a link to the post on tumblr that contained the image? It might help.
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This seller has capes on Etsy. She also does custom orders, if you're not in a big rush and your girlfriend definitely wants gray.
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If you are worried about getting a custom made cape but it won't be here in time - A picture with an estimated arrival date in a card at Christmas time will bowl her over - might even be more impressive (that you are working hard at this). So don't let time stop you from getting a custom made gift. Please. signed, girls everywhere
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The good news is that capes are really in right now, so you will be able to find tons. (I myself am in the market for one, and that one is fantastic, so I want someone to ID it, too!)

That being said, if that picture was snapped when fall/winter went on sale (so, like, August), it might not be around anymore. I don't specifically recognize it, but you might have luck if someone recognizes the window. It doesn't seem to be CURRENTLY at Saks or Neiman's or Bloomie's or Macy's online, it's not (current) Ann Taylor, French Connection, Banana, J Crew, Club Monaco, Kate Spade, or Benetton (I really thought it looked like a Benetton window display). Not Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors or Alice and Oliva or Juicy or APC or Calvin (all of those from what I can tell online), and it's not on ShopBop, Piperlime or Net-a-Porter or Zara. I am officially stumped -- although it's possible I may have missed it? But I also I really want to know now. It's also possible this is a vintage or consignment shop, in which case, who the hell even knows.

THAT being said, the Elizabeth and James one is really great, and this Madewell one is similar, but the color is different and the lining isn't as noteworthy.

This one from French Connection via Asos is also pretty good.

Your girlfriend has great taste in capes. Thank you for allowing me to procrastinate by trying to track it down. I am a big shopper, I was SURE I'd crack this! Hopefully, someone else will....
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I was sure I'd get it too - that collar is very distinct, not a lot of capes have them that large and structured. I tried almost all of the places Countess Sandwich has, as well as Polyvore and Pinterest. I even tried to find the grey coat behind it to see if twas the same designer. No luck there either.

Having said that, capes are very in and you can find a lot of them that are quite nice. I might caution against spending tons of money on it since it is very 'on-trend' and it might not be something she'd necessarily wear again next year. However, if you found a coat with that similar beautiful collar and nice fabric that might also be a good alternative.
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Thanks so much for all the great answers so far and for the compliments on my girlfriend's good taste! I'll be looking into a bunch of these suggestions, including possibly having one custom made on Etsy. Please keep the great answers coming!
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If you're really dedicated you might also find it looking at the runway collections. It might be slightly different by the time it got into a store but I swear that collar!!
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did you look through the blog you found it on to see if they often post about the same designers? or what other blogs they link to?
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That window looks suspiciously like Loehmann's-- I just walked past there last night and boy does it look familiar.

Tibi sells capes like these, and they're often on ebay for new, for less. There are two on this page:

and one here:

Also, here's an Alice & Olivia one similar to what you want:

Also, French Connection has quite a few in the UK (remember their sizes run 4 larger than US brands):
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Oh jeebus, I LOVE that thing!

Almost got one at Banana Republic 3 months ago (I think it was tan in rain coat or canvas material) but it fit funny in the shoulders. *sigh*

Also, I just had a baby and I wear him in a Baby Bjorn... This would not have been a good look for us!

I'm also waiting to see what the official name of this type of cloak or cape is. My son will grow out of being worn any day now!

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I'm also waiting to see what the official name of this type of cloak or cape is. My son will grow out of being worn any day now!

It's a capelet.
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I'm also waiting to see what the official name of this type of cloak or cape is.

You could also try "cape coat" in your searches. (I think of capelets as being mostly short shoulder coverings, akin to short ponchos.)
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Behold, the coat:

Sportmax Leather Trim Wool Cape

I want it too, but at that price, I'll have to make my own. And I just might. Bless 'em for including photos of the front and back, and unworn!

(How I found it: Google Image search for "gray cape with big collar." It was 7 pages into the search results. I had previously tried searches for "cape coat with big collar" and "capelet with big collar" but didn't see it in those results.)
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A 360 degree view of the cape may be seen here. And it can be seen in one of the photos on the main page of Sportmax's website, here. And another pose here.
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I'll be damned. litlnemo found the cape! That's insane. Thanks to everyone for the sleuthing!

You're right that it's a bit pricey. I'll either sell some of my nerd stuff to pay for this (a la The Gift of the Magi) or I may also just look into having one made.

Thanks again! I hope there's one left for me after this thread!
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Apparently the kind of collar it has is a "cape collar." I'm thinking if I make this for myself, I can make a cape from a normal cape pattern and then borrow the collar from a different pattern. I've found a few out there that have the right collar. :)
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