Ima wanna Bahama idea.
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What to do in Nassau or Freeport, Bahamas that isn’t so “touristy”?

I am going on a cruise (in January, in case there is something specific happening then), that will be making full-day stops in Freeport and Nassau. I have about 13 hours in each port. I have no problem renting a car.

I’m open to ideas.

Thanks in advance.
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Take the city bus for $1.50 over to Cable Beach and go to the Fish Fry. It will be just after the Junkanoo, and it's the local hangout (perfectly safe though) and you can get some amazing conch salad and/or local fish dishes for dirt cheap.
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For God's sake skip the tour of Atlantis. Atlantis is a fun place for a relaxing stay but the cruise ship tours are a bad use of time if free and a shameless scam when you actually have to pay.
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Erp - I meant to say the fish fry is in Nassau. Freeport - there isn't much there, really. I'd recommend snorkeling or beach time in Freeport!
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Well, it's touristy in that cruise ships and all the hotels in the resort area of grand bahama send folks to it for snorkeling.. But I suggest going to paradise cove I stayed there for a week in 2002ish, was very nice, bar/grill there, equipment rental etc. They've had damage from storms, but seem operational now.
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Based on childhood memories and travel shows, basically just head inland.
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I empathize with your desire to do non-touristy things, but my impression of Nassau was that it wasn't the best place to try to get off the beaten path--sometimes you just have to embrace the tourist vibe! Though I hope someone gives you good advice that proves me wrong...

So, totally disregarding your question, I really enjoyed eating lunch and having drinks at the Ocean Club. You know, because it was in a Bond film. Most fun I ever had overpaying for food abroad.

(Of course, I wasn't on a cruise, and I realize you may not be looking to spend your time off the cruise ship eating.)
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I tried to do non-touristy in Nassau and had no luck. I went to an old library, a fort, wandered around some neighborhoods. The inland grocery store was interesting. In the end, though, the whole thing is set up for cruise ships, yachts, and resorts - it's not the best place to attempt otherwise. Eventually I gave up and went with the flow and enjoyed the water slides at Atlantis. Yes, it's awful, but also fun.

Browse through the harbor at Atlantis. Imagine living on a boat. Eavesdrop and people watch.

Scuba dive with Bahama Divers.
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About ten years ago I went on a cool kayak tour in Freeport, possibly with this organization. Definitely a highlight of the trip.
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Okay, I expect this will be classified as touristy, but on our September crusie ship stop in Nassau, we took a Segway tour, and it was really fun.

We walked from the ship a short distance to the Seqway place, got a half hour of instruction and practice, and then proceeded to amble along the waterfront toward the commercial docks and the less touristy part of town (if there is such a thing).

We stopped at a couple of interesting sites along the eay, and then played some games involving obstacles, etc. It way one of the best excursions I've ever taken and I've taken a number of them over the years.
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