Need help troubleshooting slow internet
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My internet connection suddenly slowed way down. I've tried all the usual things, but I need some expert advice.

Here are the facts:
-I'm running a Windows 7 desktop with a USB wireless connection
-My internet connection slowed down significantly in the last month, consistently reports download speeds in the range ofof 0.5 Mps, but the upload speeds are around 3 Mps.
-No other computer on my home network has this problem.
-The problem remains if I connect via VPN
-The problem remains if I reboot my computer
-I have rebooted the wireless router and modem to no effect.
-Preliminary virus scans with Spybot Search&Destroy and Microsoft security essentials have shown no infections.

I'm not very well educated in networking, so I need some help
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Open a console window on this and another computer and run


and compare timing. If they are about the same it's not the network.
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Response by poster: Yes, the ping times were the same on the slow connection as on the regular one. What is the significance of that?
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Scan with Malware Bytes as well, just as a precautionary.

Anyways, same ping times means that (tongue-in-cheek) your connection isn't dropping randomly (causes of this include failing router), which is good.

Is this on a laptop or a desktop? It might just be the USB wi-fi adapter that's failing.
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Response by poster: Desktop. Would a failing adapter lead to such consistent results, especially such high upload speeds?
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Response by poster: And the adapter is reporting full functionality and perfect reception
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Try an ethernet cable and see if that works. Temporarily move the router/modem near the desktop. It's not your network, it's your computer.

Did you recently change any of your computer settings? Install any software? Try the diagnose/troubleshoot option that Windows come with?

This might take some time, it might not. Depends on what the problem is. Btw, how old is the computer and adapter.
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Response by poster: No recent changes that I can think of. The computer and adapter are both less than six months old. The troubleshooter did not see a problem. Hardline is not an option as the house is old and does not have an ethernet connection in the room.
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What model is the wireless adapter? You can try updating the drivers for it too, and you can also test it on other computers. Go into Device Manager:
Start > Search "Device Manager" > Network Adapters
Do you see the wireless adapter listed there? If so, check to see if the other adapters are not interfering with it.

I used to have USB adapters, until one day I accidentally hit the wall with it connected to the laptop, and it bent and had to be re-soldered. Perhaps the same happened for you (I highly doubt it, but it helps).
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Response by poster: WOO! GOT IT! 8 Mps! I went in the device manager for the USB adapter, and enabled 802.11d. I don't know what it was I did, but it worked. I love you all. I love you, Angel of Khaos, I love you, sammyo, I love the whole damn world.
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Lul, glad to help. Sometimes it's those small details you have to watch out for.
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