Help me rock out to a Mesoamerican beat
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Point me in the direction of some kick-ass Inca (or Inca-inspired) music. You know, with the pan flutes and the awesome beatz and whatnot.

Maybe I'm showing my whiteness here but I'm not sure there's another way to describe this kind of music. Peruvian? I've heard it in passing a few times on TV.

Mostly I'm looking for band/album names, etc, something to get me going in the right direction. Preferably stuff I can find online on iTunes/Android Market, etc.

It helps if it has a good beat, too. Something I can work out to?
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Here is an awesome song about the Incan lord Pachacuti. Its probably not exactly what you what, but there is a bit of pan flute (I think)!

In reality, I suggest this song! I would def. work out to this. This sort of music is what I get from your description. I believe this is in Quechua.
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Back in the day, my parents had a great new-agey album by a group called Cusco.
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Los Kjarkas might fit the style you're looking for - here's a link to my favorite song: Bolivia. Or Llorando se fue, which was sampled for "On the Floor".
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Tinku are kind of music mutts, but they do have Peruvian songs and definitely pan flutes all over the place. Plus, their music is pretty awesome (look to the older music for more 'Latin American' as the newer stuff is more 'Mexican.').
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