Sparkly Iron-on Appliques?
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I would like to order some custom T-shirts for our upcoming employee summer picnic... I cannot seem to find anyone who is able to "print" or come up with custom sparkly applique/iron on decals. I don't exactly know how to properly describe what I'm looking for, and this could be part of the problem...

We make PC games and our newest release is "Chuzzle Deluxe". I want a giant green chuzzle on a ringer style T to fit the "retro rollerskate rink" look. I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions/links...
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Have you looked at Cafe Press? They might work out.
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Retro iron-on transfers are available in person at Meow in Montreal, QE.
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They're *real* tough to find, especially via internet. The fabric screenprinting/iron-on/applique industry really hasn't moved onto the internet yet, and so a lot of these places don't have websites. I'm also guessing that if you're looking at doing a *custom* run of sparkle iron-ons you're looking at a 250-500 shirt MINIMUM -- i can't imagine anyone doing less than that, and in all likelihood, you'd probably have to order more. So you might want to take that into account in planning for these t-shirts (i wouldn't be suprised if turnaround time is > 30 days for these sorts of things either).

that said, if anyone knows where to get these (or order the "new style" iron-on transfers that use actual fabric inks -- apparently done by a company called "Exodus" in Southern CA for which I don't have a phone number) please add to this thread! that'd be great information to have online.

dbk: To make suggestions about alternative options, we'd probably need to know the following: How many employees are at the picnic? If it's < 50, you're probably either going to want to do Cafe Press or DIY. See if a local screenprinter is willing to do a short run for you. What is your budget for this?
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You can get shirts silkscreened using sparkly ink in small quantities at Contagious Graphics. Your Chuzzle image online seems to have some shading, so silkscreen isn't ideal... but you could maybe do an outline version or something.
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holy crap, xo, those guys have incredible prices for short runs!

thanks for the link!
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