How much should we tip a driver in Mexico?
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How much to tip a driver in Mexico? Two of us are getting a transfer from the Cancun airport to a resort about an hour away. The fare, round trip, for both of us, is $140 ($70 each way). How much should I tip, for each segment (airport to resort and resort to airport)?

It may be a van with other people, but it seems likely that it's just going to be the two of us passengers.

Gratuity is definitely not included and we will be paying the fare in cash to the driver.

Thanks for your advice.
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Whether it's the norm or not - I would drop 200 pesos or $15 on the driver.
posted by FlamingBore at 8:20 PM on December 13, 2011

When middle/upper class Mexicans tip, they give 10% for adequate service and 15% for exceptionally good service. $15 should be fine.
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Agreed. Was just in Mexico and tipping is basically the same as in the States.. 15% is norm.
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What rich said, especially in tourist areas where most of the customer base is from the US and Canada and tends to tip as they do at home.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I just got back and followed your advice -- well, maybe I over-tipped a little -- and everything went well. I appreciate the guidance.
posted by jayder at 1:13 PM on December 19, 2011

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