Plastic glasses frames w/nose pads - not prodesign?
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Does anyone know of manufacturers who makes plastic / acetate glasses frames with nose pads besides prodesign?

I have a pair of black prodesign 7612 frames that I love but I now want another pair of glasses in a new color and don't know who else makes plastic / acetate frames with nose pads. The other prodesign colors that are wearable for me are too similar to the black ones I already have.

My ideal would to to find a similar shape with nosepads in this color - matte translucent gray.
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This may seem like a silly question, but don't most plastic/acetate frames have nosepads molded into them? Is that not what you're looking for?
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No to be more specific I want the little pieces of plastic on metal arms kind of nosepads. The bridge of my nose is small and so I need thses for the frames to sit properly.
Like in this picture.
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Wow, those are expensive frames! I would by ten similar glasses at and see which one fits best
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The last time Mrs. zsazsa went to pick out eyewear, she casually mentioned to the optician that picking out frames was hard because she liked plastic frames but needed nosepads due to the narrow bridge of her nose. The optician said they could have nosepads put on almost any frame. So she picked out a nice looking pair of plastic frames from Lafont and a week later she had a pair complete with nosepads that looked completely "stock", so to speak. If your optometrist doesn't offer such a service, call around for one who does. The optometrist we used (C2020 in Oakland) apparently had the work done by a local specialist.
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Ok, I think the service was done by these guys. Check out the last image in their gallery for an example. If you don't find anyone local, they offer mail-in service.
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Goggles4u sells some. Most are really inexpensive.
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