Baby clothes for Domo-kun fans
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A good friend of mine is having a baby, and we were talking about how awesome getting a domo-kun onesie (infant bodysuit) would be awesome. We don't want a onesie with a picture of domo-kun - rather the onesie should be brown with domo's face right on the chest. Basically like this, but in baby size. It must exist somewhere, does anyone know where I could buy one?
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Best answer: It's not as easy as ordering one, but if all else fails you could design it yourself. I have ordered screen printed onesies from this company previously and they came out great. You could order either the Texas Orange or Chocolate Brown and design the eyes and mouth as screen printed designs.

From the site:
You can upload images that are PNG, JPEG, PSD, PDF, EPS, AI, BMP, or GIF files. Once you upload your image, you will be able to use it on the products you design. Uploading the files may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your browser. For best results use the highest resolution image you have available. The image must be at least 300 pixels in one direction, 1000 to 2000 pixels recommended.
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Yes, make it yourself. Cafe Press is another option.
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There are adult sized ones... at Think Geek.
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Get a brown onesie. Get inkjet printable iron-on transfers for dark fabrics (these will be opaque white instead of transparent). Create your design, print it out, and trim right to the edge of the design. Iron it onto the onesie, and voila, you have a domo-kun onesie. Probably won't last through as many washings as a screenprinted onesie, but the baby will outgrow it in a couple of months anyway.
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The closest I can easily find on redbubble is this domo face onesie/crawler that comes in several colours not including brown. If you don't go the inktastic or similar route, you could ask miiaa (the designer in the link above) whether brown would be a possibility.
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In Toronto, for gifts, I often by onesies made from old tee shirts made by SLO. Perhaps if you provided the tee, they'd make the onesie? If you can find a youth size, here's a DIY tutorial.
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I would also agree about going about designing it yourself if it's not possible to buy one already pre-made.

I would recommend artscow since I've had a good experience with them when ordering a t-shirt that I designed myself, I'm not sure if they have a onesie option though.

I do have to caution though you because domo-kun is probably copyrighted some places like may not approve of the design and thus will not print it for you.
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