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Best application for sharing my Laptop's Ethernet connection over WiFi?

Laptop running Windows 7, connected to internet over ethernet. I'm looking for a nice little utility to share this connection over WiFi, essentially turning the computer into a hotspot.

I'm aware you can do this with Windows without additional software by configuring the adhoc settings just so, but I hate doing this because it's convoluted, takes a more time than I'd like, and it's annoying to undo those settings every time.

I've used Connectify with some success in the past, but it frequently breaks the connection or crashes, and it's littered with ads imploring me to upgrade to the Pro version. Not that I wouldn't pay for a great piece of software that accomplishes what I want, but I have no confidence in Connectify.

Any Suggestions?
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I know there's a straight-forward user interface for doing this in Mac OS X (System Preferences, Sharing pref pane, Internet Sharing), but I don't know about Windows 7. Sorry.
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