Need help with video blog in Atlanta, GA
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I'm working on new finance-based startup in the Marietta, GA (just outside of Atlanta, GA) and I'd like to hire someone to come in do bi-weekly interviews of me and my team as we go through the process (kind of like the Robert Scoble interviews if you've ever seen them). It's a pretty exciting time for us and our product and I've been told by many that we should start a blog or youtube channel to share our experiences. There's also an interesting personal piece that both me and the CEO would be interested in sharing and that I think a lot of young people would be interested in hearing. The problem is that in the list of things we can spend our time doing, setting up equipment, doing the interviews, and editing the videos is low priority. Can anyone recommend a company or how I can find an individual who would be interested in doing this for us?
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Best answer: Full disclosure - I'm a SCAD student (though not one interested in film/video/editing.) But have you thought about contacting SCAD's career services department and getting put in touch with the Television Production department? I'm sure there are some students who'd love to do this project, especially if it's paid. Making it a paid project will ensure you get the serious, best-of-the-best students.
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This sounds like a perfect fit with a TV/production student looking for a school project, and portfolio builder. Maybe toss them a coupla bucks to make it worth their while.
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Seconding calling SCAD. Mr Pearlybob graduated from SCAD Savannah years ago with a video production degree, this is an awesome school and they would have students that could help. You might even be able to work out an intern relationship.
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My friend's dad runs a well-respected video production company in Atlanta. He has over 25 years of broadcast and online video production and editing experience, and has done a lot of corporate work.
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Best answer: Not directly answering your question, but bear in mind that whoever does this will grow well acquainted with you, your biz plan and set-up, etc. It would take a good bit of time and training to get a new hire this calibrated. So one option would be to watch out in your hiring process for someone who's got any sort of video experience, however limited. And have that new hire handle this project as part of his duties. And you can deem it training.

Flip side is to be aware that anything proprietary will be at risk if you use an outsider to do this. If your biz plan's not particularly secretive, no problem.
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Best answer: Have you considered hiring a marketing person or partner? This is in their wheelhouse (pardon my corporatespeak) and they can help you develop lots of core and collateral to your ideas.
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