East Coaster Looking For A Surfboard Shaper
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Can anyone recommend a really good surfboard shaper on the East Coast?

I'm in ATL temporarily. I'm planning on using these boards to surf everywhere from Gulf Coast, FLA to Jacksonville, FLA to Costa Rica, North Shore Oahu, other Hawaii, European coasts, and all over, beach breaks and reef. I'm looking for a shortboard (around 6'4") and a dumpster diver (combo of a shortboard and a fish, maybe 5'8"). I will pay reasonable shipping. I got both boards stolen then got ripped off by another shaper who was making a board to help me replace one of those two, allegedly. My friend is going after him (not physically), and I may end up getting that one, so it may only be the one board. In any case, I need a shaper who is talented and can take direction while also providing his or her own knowledge of the sea and of dimensions and boards. Please be able to vouch, at least indirectly, for any shaper you recommend. I am expecting they would be in FLA, but it doesn't matter to me if this is or isn't the case. I would even use someone in Cali if shipping isn't outrageous. Thank you. Sorry this is kinda scattered. I'm flummoxed and shocked by the repeat-theft.
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I know some in the NY/NJ area. MeMail me if that may work for you.

Also, I've been drooling after a wood board from Grain Surfboards for awhile. They're well established, so shouldn't have to worry about the whole loosing your money thing.
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Response by poster: I don't think it will... shipping would be crazy I think? Thank you though. I guess I came to the wrong place, no one answered! :) Should've known by the lack of surfing questions upon my search. Thanks very much for your help, one brave soldier! If anyone stumbles upon this, I am still looking at this point.
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