Who is / was "D. Goldschmidt"?
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My wife has inherited a portrait in oil of Leo Baeck which is dated and signed, "1952 D. Goldschmidt". Who is / was D. Goldschmidt?

We believe that the painting was purchased by my wife's grandfather, Hans-Georg Sladowsky, shortly after it was completed (in Berlin, we think) though he did not commission it. We're thinking about lending the portrait to the Leo Baeck College, not least because we live nearby and are members of the shul next door. But I'd like to know something of the life and work of D. Goldschmidt. Google seems to be failing me. What steps can I take to find some relevant information?
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This page has an image of one painting by a David Jacob Goldschmidt and a little info about him. If Google translate hasn't misled me, he was born in Hamburg in 1896, the son of a private banker who was chairman of city's rabbinical college. He emigrated to Switzerland in 1936, and died in Lugano in 1981. The painting shown there is likewise signed 'D. Goldschmidt' and dated 1928. Could this be your man?
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A shot in the dark, but David Goldschmidt was German and lived from 1896 - 1981. On preview, misteraitch got there first.
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Hard to be certain but the style and signature seem to match. You guys are awesome.
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